Jan Hünermann

25. August 2019 - Live in the future.

The best star­tups are found­ed by inge­nius peo­ple. I agree with this. But there is anoth­er aspect to great founders that I think is most­ly over­looked. The best founders live in the future. 

In order to find prob­lems that are yet to be solved, the future is the best place to be. Only when you take for grant­ed what is nov­el to oth­er peo­ple, you are able to assem­ble the puz­zle and look for miss­ing pieces.

Mark Zucker­berg did not cre­ate Face­book because he looked for good ideas to pur­sue. He already spent so much of his time on the inter­net, more than most peo­ple at that time. For him it was only nat­ur­al to share things with his friends online. That’s why he build Face­book. He lived in the future.