Jan Hünermann

21. November 2019 - Building a mechanical keyboard

Why? that’s the ques­tion many peo­ple ask when you tell them that you are just about to start build­ing your own mechan­i­cal keyboard.

For me, at least, a key­board is not very spe­cial. Indeed. But, nonethe­less, it’s super sat­is­fy­ing to build your­self a per­fect” set­up. And by build­ing a key­board your­self, you can decide how it looks and most impor­tant­ly feels. After all, you can say you build it your­self. And did you know that r/​mechanicalkeyboards has about 500k fol­low­ers. Crazy, right?

For a cus­tom key­board build, you need:

I ordered them from AliEx­press and kbd​fans​.com, which has quite a good selec­tion of these parts. Last week­end all the parts arrived and I could start the assembly.

For the switch­es I chose Kailh Jade switch­es. I didn’t expect­ed them to be as loud as they are, but they feel quite nice. Not sure if I stick with them, because it lit­er­al­ly sounds like you are squash­ing these air-bub­bles from deliv­ery packaging.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly though, my alu­mini­um plate from AliEx­press does not fit the key­board lay­out I want. Clear­ly I newb mis­take. But I now ordered a new and more fan­cy brass plate from kbd​fans​.com. Hope­ful­ly, this will arrive in a few weeks.

PCB and (not fit­ting) plate