Sep. 25, 2019

Live in the future

The best startups are founded by ingenius people. I agree with this. But there is another, somewhat more overlooked aspect to great founders. The best founders live in the future. In order to find problems that are yet to be solved, the future is the best place to be. Only when you take for granted what is novel to other people, you are able to assemble the puzzle and look for missing pieces.

May. 22, 2019

Essay on the neural lace

Imagine a world where artificial general intelligence is a thing, where robots assemble robots, where computers cure cancer, and where everything we do today is automated. In such a robot world, the problems arise with humans – not robots. What is left to do for us, if we are replaced in everything we do today? More importantly, how can computers align with our values, so they work with us and not against us?